A list of my podcast appearances and other online presentations.

“Did al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Canonise the Quran? Evaluating a Revisionist Hypothesis”

Sképsislamica (28th/October/2023):

“Did Muhammad Exist? An Academic Response to a Popular Question”

Sképsislamica (28th/October/2023):

“Biblical Studies, Hadith Contradictions, and the Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah”

Sképsislamica (30th/September/2023):

“The Effects of Environment upon Religion and Culture in Arabian History”

Sképsislamica (29th/September/2023):

“Introduction to Hadith”

Bottled Petrichor (24th/March/2023):

“Isnad cum Matn Analysis Practicum”

Bottled Petrichor (24th/March/2023):

“Hadith Criticism Practicum”

Bottled Petrichor (24th/March/2023):

“The Hadith of ʿĀʾisha’s Marital Age”

Shi’a Research Institute (26th/February/2023):

“Why the Aisha Marital Age Hadith is a FORGERY: An EXCLUSIVE Lecture”

The Impactful Scholar [MPAC Research Channel] (25th/February/2023):

“Oxford Scholar Dr. Joshua Little Gives 21 REASONS Why Historians are SKEPTICAL of Hadith”

The Impactful Scholar [MPAC Research Channel] (29th/January/2023):

“Oxford Historian Dr. Joshua Little: From ISLAMOPHOBE to Islamic Studies SCHOLAR”

The Impactful Scholar [MPAC Research Channel] (15th/January /2023):